Book Babes - Hostess Coaching

It’s your responsibility to equip the hostess with the information and skills she needs to have a successful party.  The more excited a hostess gets about earning free books, the harder she will work for them. 




This is the information I review with the hostess, 2-3 weeks before the party, during our first phone call:

•Review the hostess kit, especially the hostess program.  If she understands what she is working for and how the program works, she will have a better show.

•Explain any current promotions to the hostess.

•Encourage your hostess to OVER INVITE.  Only 30-40% of the people invited actually come the day of the party.  Explain this to the hostess using numbers.  “If you invite 15 people, approximately 6 will come.  If you invite 20 people, 7-8 will come”.  Have her review the “who to invite?” information on the party planner and also the Scavenger Hunt.  I suggest you offer $10.00 in free books if the hostess has more than 10 people at her party.

•Have the hostess encourage her guests to bring a friend so they can get a free book.  Give a promo book or a pocket scientist/pocket nature book…use your 30 for 30 to get these…they only cost you a $1.00.

•Ask the hostess if she has any friends who might want to host a party.  If a friend books a party within 4 weeks from the date of her party, the friend can receive $20.00 for $6.00.  Also, tell the hostess about the additional books she will earn for each booked party.  You may want to use your 30 for 30 to increase the booking incentive.
•Make sure the hostess has at least 2 catalogs and an up-to-date stock list by page number in her hostess kit.  Encourage her to collect outside orders before the party.  Offer an incentive; for example, if she collects $100.00 in outside orders, give her another $10.00 in free books.  I also offer to take orders directly.

•Suggest the hostess show her friends and family her own Usborne books.  Use this tactic to increase outside orders and show attendance.

•Have the hostess tell every invitee about the on-line catalog.  This resource is invaluable.  All the titles listed are in-stock and available to order.  You can print a gift idea chart on the back of the new invitations, which will encourage guests to select books on-line before coming to the party.  

•Keep food simple.  Suggest to the hostess the food be served after the ordering is finished.
•Ask the hostess to leave anything unused inside the hostess kit so you can reuse the material.

•Ask the hostess to prepare a “wish list” before the party.  So when you actually go do the party, the hostess can take a minute to look at the books she would like to receive with her free book or discounted book allowance.  

•Every hostess is a potential recruit.  Ask your hostess before the party if she ever considered selling Usborne books.  Tell her about the benefits of becoming a consultant.   Emphasize that her upcoming party could be her starter party.  She would receive the commission, free books, and bookings.

•Tell the hostess you will be calling a week before the party to make sure everything is still on schedule, and you’ll be calling a couple of days before the party to make sure everything is still OK and to get directions.  


•When you call a couple of days before the party, emphasize to your hostess the importance of the reminder call.  Every guest should be called 1-2 days before the party to see if they are still coming.  The hostess should also mention again they get a free book if they bring friend.  This call is very important as people forget and appreciate being reminded!

•If the hostess feels uncomfortable calling her guests again, tell her to use the excuse that the consultant needs to know how many people are coming so she can bring enough supplies.  

•Give a quick call the night before the party to see how many people are coming.

•Mention that you will arrive a half hour before the party.

After the party:

Leave the party open 2-3 days after the show.  Encourage the hostess to get outside orders from guests who were unable to attend.  Also, suggest again she ask if they would like to host a party.  Offer a booking incentive for this.

•Tell the hostess what her retail sales are and how much she needs to get to the next free book or discounted book level.
•The “yes” and “maybe” people on your draw slips should be approached to set a party date at the time of the show.  If guests were missed, call them to book a date within 4 weeks of your hostess’s party.  In order for the hostess to get free books at the booked parties, the new hostesses and party dates need to be noted in the party order.

NOTE: Refer to page 30/31 in your consultant manual for additional tips.  Don’t worry if you’re unable to cover all this information.  Some hostesses are more receptive than others.

Hostess Kit Contents

  •     1 Hostess Catalog
  •     1 Consultant Catalog
  •     1 Alphabetical Stock List
  •     1 Hostess Program Flyer
  •     1 Customer Specials Flyer
  •     1 Party Planner
  •     1 Help Wanted Recruit Package
  •     25 Invite Cards
  •     10 Order Forms
  •     1 Business Card
  •     1 Magnet


(Things to tell hostess before party)

     Give Hostess Kit  with Catalogue &  any New Release Flyers

     Stock list given? / Instructions about stock

     Website given? or your corporate website

     Discuss hostess’ wish list and Hostess Benefit  Chart

     Invite LOTS of friends/family/co-workers  (30+ people)
        Tell them to bring a friend and get free book
        Send out Invitations and make phone calls

     Explain Outside Orders and how to fill out the order forms
     Payment by cash, mastercard, visa & check (payable to you as the consultant)

     Customer Specials

     Inform of extra incentives offered in the Tic Tac Toe game in the party planner

     Remind Hostess to remind guests the day before

     Age group of confirmed guests & hostess’ children

     Any specific books she’d like to see

     Time you’ll arrive (1/2 hour before)

     Keep refreshments simple – not to be served until 10 minutes after you have finished your presentation

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